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School Year 2015-2016






HELD THE SECOND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 7PM IN THE HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY! (Please check the HHS Band calendar to confirm meeting dates)


Who are Music Boosters?


The Hockinson High School Music Booster Club provides financial and volunteer support to enhance music education at Hockinson High School.   Booster members are typically parents/guardians of high school music students, but membership is open to all school district residents.   The HHS Music Booster Club is a tax-exempt 501 c.3 non-profit organization.


Nearly one in every six students at Hockinson High School participate in band.  Last year was Hockinson’s largest band yet with 105 students and this year we expect as many or more.  While the band does receive financial support from the school district, the funds allocated do not come close to fulfilling the actual program needs. Last school year the Music Boosters funded over $34,000 in program costs.   In addition to financial support the program requires many volunteer hours to assist with student performances, competitions and to organize fundraising events.   Below is a more detailed description of the various activities the Music Boosters fund and support.


HHS Music Booster Club activities include:


1)       Assist and advance Classroom-Based music activities:

Music Instruction – fund additional music instructors as needed, both classroom and non-classroom music clinic instructors

Music Competitions – provide chaperones and supplies as needed for music competitions

Promote Adequate Funding from School District – encourage the School District to adequately fund our music education programs

Band Equipment Maintenance – provide supplies and volunteers as needed to help maintain band equipment

Band Instruments, Equipment and Supplies – purchase band instruments, equipment and supplies as required to supplement school district funding

Sheet Music – purchase sheet music as required to supplement school district funding



2)       Assist and advance Extra-Curricular music activities:

Marching Pep Band – provide volunteers and supplies as needed to assist the football marching band

Pep Band – provide volunteers and supplies as needed to assist the basketball pep band

Parade Band – provide volunteers and supplies as needed to assist the parade band

Solo, Ensemble, and Honor Band Competitions – purchase sheet music to supplement the school’s solo/ensemble music library; host a Recital to allow students to perform prior to competitions

Marching Uniforms – provide volunteers to fit, alter & assign school-owned uniforms to students; help maintain and clean these uniforms; and assist with student-owned marching shoes

Social Events – host social events to help promote interest in the HHS music program

Music Performance Tours – sponsor educational performance tours every two years; these tours are an optional activity paid for by the parents and/or guardians of participating students.


3)       Raise funds to provide financial support to enhance music education activities at HHS.


4)       Provide communication between the HHS music program and parents/guardians, and the community:

Regular Club Meetings – hold monthly meetings to discuss Booster activities

Communicate HHS Music & Booster Activities – communicate activities as needed through email, newspaper notices, newsletters, websites, etc.


5)       Provide group administration duties:

Financial Management – provide banking activities, accounting reports, etc.  to support our group’s activities

Organizational Management – conduct general, executive, and activity planning meetings; hold yearly election of officers; and maintain records as required to support our group’s activities



Music Booster – Volunteer Opportunities


As a VOLUNTEER organization – the Music Boosters cannot function effectively without the dedication of our members.  We ask ALL music parents/guardians to help us assist and improve the music program for all of our music students by volunteering their time!


Would you like to help plan and organize Music Booster activities?  Please consider volunteering for one of the following Officer or Coordinator positions; nominations are taken in May for all positions, elections are held in June.



Music Booster Officers:


President – Supervise Booster activities; manage Booster budget; plan and conduct Booster meetings

First Vice President of Student Activities – Oversee Booster involvement with band activities; plan and organize ‘social’ activities

Second Vice President of Fundraising – Oversee all Booster fundraising activities

Treasurer – Maintain Booster bank accounts; provide monthly accounting reports; file yearly state and federal non-profit paperwork

Secretary – Prepare and distribute meeting minutes; maintain Booster records; collect Booster mail from PO Box

Uniform Coordinator – Oversee marching uniforms (issuing, altering, storage, etc.); oversee formal attire


Activity Coordinators:


Communications Coordinator – Create Booster Newsletters; Communicate Band and Booster activities with parents and the community

Volunteer Coordinator – Assist Booster officers and coordinators to obtain adult volunteers

Formal Attire Coordinator – Oversee student acquisition of tuxedos and dresses

School Board Liaison – Monitor School Board activities and inform Boosters of issues affecting Music Programs; promote Music Programs to the School Board

Benefit Dinner/Concert/Auction Event Coordinator – Oversee event activities, manage budget, oversee ticket sales

Benefit Dinner/Concert/Auction Kitchen Committee Chair – Plan and produce event meal

Benefit Dinner/Concert/Auction Decorating Committee Chair – Oversee event decorations

Benefit Dinner/Concert/Auction Auction/Raffle Committee Chair – Oversee auction and raffle, obtain donations

Benefit Dinner/Concert/Auction Advertising Committee Chair – Oversee promotion of event


To volunteer, please email:



Would you like to assist the Boosters with a particular activity or event?  Please volunteer to help with one or more of the following:


Summer Band Camp BBQ Social – August

Marching Uniform Fitting & Alterations – August

Football Game Uniform Helpers – September and October

Football Season Dinners and Coffee Concessions – September and October

U of W Husky Band Trip Chaperone – September

Solo & Ensemble Music Recital – February

Music Competition Chaperone – January through May

Annual Benefit Dinner/Concert/Auction – January through April




Parade Band Assistance – May / June

End-of-Year Band Party  – June

Maintain Band Instruments & Equipment – year round activity


To volunteer, please email:



Music Boosters Fund Band Activities

The HHS Music Boosters were are pleased to provide over $34,000 in financial support to the Hockinson High School Music Program during the 2014-2015 school year.  Below is a list of items and activities funded:


Summer Band Camp BBQ

Husky Band Day Trip

New Marching Uniforms & Hats

Uniform Upkeep Support (rolling clothes racks, hangers, etc.)

Student Band Council Leadership Retreat

Drum Major/Drumline Summer Camp

Wind Ensemble Retreat at Anderson Lodge

New Instruments

Charms Music Software

Sheet Music Purchases

Smart Music Software

Pep Band Travel Support

Parade Support (snacks, water)

Band Supplies, Equipment, Misc.

Wind Ensemble Competition Support

All-Band Master Class Clinics (instructor fees)

Solo and Ensemble Competition Student Fees Support

Honor Band Audition Fees

End-of-Year All-Band Party


2015-16 Music Booster Officers


President – DeeAnn Jurgens

1st Vice President of Student Activities – Julie Taylor

2nd Vice President of Fundraising – Katie Maxey

Treasurer – MaryAnn Barham

Secretary  – Michelle Gaines

Uniform Coordinator – Linda Chan

Volunteer Coordinator – vacant